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Trade Qualified, Experienced House Inspector

My name is Mark Sewell, and I am the owner of Informed House Inspections Limited. Building on many years of experience in the residential housing industry throughout the Wellington region, Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast, continuing education, and proven analytical skills, I am dedicated to providing you the very best home inspection service available today. Though a background in construction is always beneficial, the requirements for a good inspector include specialized training and highly-developed detective skills. The relationships of the systems in a home are complex and it takes someone with critical thinking skills to identify and analyze potential issues. Twenty years of pounding nails does not give one the required education to recognize a possible moisture problem or truly understand the proper and safe operation of your boiler. I have been inspecting homes full time for eight years and have completed over 4000 inspections all with positive out comes.

Technical Background / Professional Training

The most valuable tool I have to offer is my experience. Coming from a highly-skilled technical service background, I am a fully qualified plumber, drain layer and roofer. I have also worked with the leading residential building company of its time for 15 years. I understand house construction, the complexity of how all components are put together including all weather tightness issues.

I have gone through extensive home inspection training, and receive refresher courses annually to keep up with any changes to the house construction industry.

Informed House Inspections Ltd specialize in monolithic cladding type homes, we have a technique to access exterior wall cavities to check the overall condition of the framing, with out any damage to the home. We have inspected over 500 monlithic cladded homes over the last Seven years and understand the complex details noted with this type of cladding system.

My Qualifications

  • Full-time house inspector.
  • Over 34 years combined experience (home renovations, home inspections, technical
  • support, customer service and management).
  • Realtor Independent.
  • Inspections are interactive and educational.
  • Strong communication / people skills.
  • Trade qualified, experienced inspector.
  • Trade qualified plumber, drain layer and roofer.
  • Worked with leading Wellington residential housing company for 15 years.
  • Unbiased, thorough, informative and professional.
  • Friendly efficient service with comprehensive fully detailed building report within 48 hours
  • Informed House Inspections Limited carries full indemnity and public liability insurance.

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